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  • Meet a new Black millionaire, billionaire, or head of a million dollar company each week.
  • ​Learn Black History, as it's being made, in real time.
  • ​Learn about organizations and boards supported by the millionaires, with which you and your student may want to work. 
  • Learn about the books, products, brands, and programs created by these brilliant minds.
  • Provide a clear picture of your child's own potential and beauty, through viewing millionaires and billionaires who look just like them.
Raising Black Millionaires is thrilled to present the Raising Black Millionaires Flash Cards, Vol. 1.
Now children, parents, and educators, alike can go on a fun exploration of today's Black millionaires and billionaires and learn about the companies that have made them millions, their educational backgrounds, and their current projects and industries. Each week, you and your children can choose a card from this 52-card deck to become introduced to one of the Black community's giants in business and enterprise.
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Household Income Review - Online Training [Value: $100]
This training takes you step-by-step through filling out a budget worksheet and discussing it with your children. BONUS: As an extra bonus, we're giving you a printable budget worksheet to help you implement the lessons discussed in the trainings.
How To Raise Your Black Child To Be A Millionaire: Child-Rearing Secrets of the Black Elite, Vol. 1 Audio Book [Value: Priceless] 
This audio book serves as a guide to hear directly from my Black Millionaire and Billionaire friends on what parenting techniques their parents used to get them to their millionaire/billionaire statuses.
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About The Creator
Raising Black Millionaires is a digital media company founded by Thiah Veona Muhammad that creates educational products, courses, and media content to empower lower and middle class families with the knowledge, tools, and resources to enable them to create and maintain intergenerational wealth and economic interdependence among Black people throughout the world. 
With the launch of the RaisingBlackMillionaires.com blog, Raising Black Millionaires Show and the How To Raise Your Black Child To Be A Millionaire: Child-rearing Secrets of the Black Elite series, RBM has become a trusted resource for parents and Millionaires-in-the-Making across the globe.
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